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Looks like USD/CAD is going to reenter the value area. We may bounce around 23% and 38% before it settles and begins its descent. Looking to sell as it reenters, and take profit at POC /161% fib extension.




Price is trying to reenter the value area. It is currently being held up by the 61.8% fib extension. I’d expect a retest of the value area low before it finds acceptance in the value area…

Gap fill and fib confluence…

After some consolidation and a slight breather, we may even see some upside sideways movement before we head back down a fill that gap from 11/25-11/27 which just happens to rest on the 261.8% fib ratio of this current move to the down side.

NZD/JPY Trade Closed

Price was rejected as expected at the Value Area High and broke down to the Point of Control where I took profit and am currently waiting to see how price reacts at the POC. Would like to see a bounce to retest the VAH…


Testing the Value Area High… Looking for failure and rotation back to Point of Control.

Current Fibs In Play 9.28.10