Looks like USD/CAD is going to reenter the value area. We may bounce around 23% and 38% before it settles and begins its descent. Looking to sell as it reenters, and take profit at POC /161% fib extension.




Price is trying to reenter the value area. It is currently being held up by the 61.8% fib extension. I’d expect a retest of the value area low before it finds acceptance in the value area…

Gap fill and fib confluence…

After some consolidation and a slight breather, we may even see some upside sideways movement before we head back down a fill that gap from 11/25-11/27 which just happens to rest on the 261.8% fib ratio of this current move to the down side.

NZD/JPY Trade Closed

Price was rejected as expected at the Value Area High and broke down to the Point of Control where I took profit and am currently waiting to see how price reacts at the POC. Would like to see a bounce to retest the VAH…


Testing the Value Area High… Looking for failure and rotation back to Point of Control.

AUD/USD Keepin’ it simple

As simple as it gets, if you buy into that  “fibonacci crap”…

Top of the Channel

We have reached the top of the channel. I’m watching for rejection and a possible pullback to the 50% coefficient…